Halloween at Intersect SFL

Today was the Halloween party for the kids at Intersect SFL. Alongside games and snack time we had organized some craft. Teru had explained to me that every year he likes to get the kids to make something impressive that they can take home and show off to their parents, although, he was bored of repeating his ideas so he had asked me to think of some different. I had mentioned to about making some stencils for painting pictures and lettering consistently, however noting that it may be a bad idea to use spray paint with kids. Despite this he liked the idea and thought it would be fine. So he picked up some wooden baskets the kids could use for trick or treating and we would paint designs onto these.

I was quite excited about getting creative and I made up a couple of stencils, one saying “Happy Halloween” with bats flying around it, the other a large jack-o-lantern. I was quite pleased with my handy work but I still had that worried feeling that it was going to go all wrong when the spraying took place with twelve excited children running about and was unsure how well it would paint on to the baskets. Teru laughed it off saying that the kids will probably love getting high from the fumes and being “chilled out”. We did a test run of the stencils and instantly the whole school smelt of paint, but it was too late now. Soon after the children all started to arrive and we cracked on with the party. Teru explained everything that we were going to be doing. I was in charge of the spraying, to set it up and help the kids with the spray can. As soon as we sprayed the first basket all the kids started retching and being disgusted by the paint fumes. One almost threw up and others retreated and would not come near again. So much for the kids getting involved! I ended up having to spray all of the baskets and the kids got quite bored as I fumbled with newspaper and tape, getting covered in paint in the process. Teru thought it best to start to get them preoccupied with some colouring and games. The kids just lined up and watched me from a distance. It was definitely a hassle to do all twelve in the short space of time allotted to the “craft”, I only had time time to spray the “Happy Halloween” and ditched the idea of doing the pumpkin. Despite scaring all the kids and making them ill they seemed fairly impressed with their newly designed basket.

After I cleared up the spraying zone the kids were coaxed back in to sit down for some party snacks. This seemed a great interlude and the children wolfed down what was put in front of them, the smallest kid there, not actually a student but a younger brother of one, of about 3 by no doubt ate the most. When snacking had subsided, we then played a game of “ghost toss”, involving simply throwing ghost shaped balls into boxes worth different points. I actually won but Teru wouldn’t let me have the Halloween pencil set prize so instead it was given to the runner up. I handed out a party bag to each kid after they attempted to say “trick or treat” to finish off with the party. It actually seemed a success by the end as the kids had smiles on their faces and some parents got us to pose for pictures with me in my pirate outfit covered in paint.

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