I do not believe myself to be a great cook although I do love trying. So I will try share with you some easy but tasty dishes that I have learned to cook when staying Japan.


Okonomiyaki – This tasty Japanese comfort food slightly resembles a pancake or an omlette. As made famous in Osaka, okonomiyaki simply means “what you like” (okonomi) “grilled” (yaki) meaning you can tailor this recipe to your own tastes, or what’s left in the fridge.


Mapodofu – Mapodofu basically translates to “Grandma’s Tofu”. It was invented by a lazy Chinese granny who slapped something up for her husband who loved it, suggesting that it should be recreated and sold on. Although technically a Chinese dish, it is loved all over Japan. This is a Japanese style recipe as it has a miso base.

Gyoza dumplings – My favourite side dish in Japan, which I can not refuse to order in any ramen restaurant. These are a must to make any meal that much more satisfying.

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