Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Luke Snitter and I have always had the desire to go to Japan since I can remember. This idea developed in to me wanting to move and work there. I completed my degree, started a TEFL course and months later I have landed a job teaching English at a small language school in the city of Kazo, Japan. My long scrutinized and thought about dreams and aspirations finally became a reality. I must have bored people to death when they would ask me “what are you doing after uni?”, consistently saying “I am moving to Japan to work as an English teacher.” They would look at me apathetically most likely in disbelief, although always slightly surprised. “Do you know anyone out there?”,”can you speak Japanese?”, “are you not scared?” people would ask me. “No” and I cannot answer why this did not bother me. I just wanted to do this for a long time and it has happened. This blog is a place where I can share my experiences in more depth so friends, family and everyone who wants to can see what I am doing, how I am living my dream! Enjoy!


Praying to the gods

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