A quiet week then weekend

Again it is the time of the month when I have to accept that I have to be stingy with my money and be a bit of a recluse, simply waiting for next pay day. Therefore this week I literally did nothing that overwhelmingly interesting and it seems worthless giving any credit to it by mentioning it here. Nonetheless I will try my hardest to enlighten you.

On Monday we did not have any lessons scheduled so the majority of the day I tried to brush up on my Japanese. This week I moved onto body parts. Interestingly, Japanese does not have separate words for legs and feet, they are simply both “ashi” 足. Teru told me that his old school friend was coming to visit in the evening. He explained that he normally visits once a month and he is a bit of a character. I was told that he finds language barriers hilarious so I should try speak to him and make him laugh. As soon as he met me he just said “Hello, I am a Japanese man” then burst out laughing. He brought us some Japanese style stuffed pancakes, dorayaki, which we ate over broken conversation and Japanese comedy sketches on YouTube of perverted old men. It was entertaining as we talked about Japanese stereotypical things with a humorous but genuine Japanese perspective.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were all normal days of teaching, apart from the last rescheduled Halloween party/style lesson at Fudoka on Wednesday. As usual we started the class with some Halloween vocabulary, which then progressed into coloring and games. We only had one interruption when all kids jumped to the floor, which I questioned. Teru said “It was earthquake. Did you not feel it?”. For my Thursday junior high class we were practicing “how often do you…?” and we got on to the topics of Pokemon, again, and karaoke, which made for some funny conversation.

My weekend started with my day off on Friday, which I spent solidly working on my TEFL and trying to see how much rice I could possibly eat, as it was probably the most sensible thing to do with no money. On Saturday it was back to work for one lesson that actually ended up getting cancelled so instead Teru gave me a Japanese lesson, which then turned into trying to find a good way to write my name in Kanji so it had a good meaning. Several distorted meaning combinations we came up with were “naturally beautiful nine” or “naturally beautiful district”, neither of which sound fitting or even that intelligible so we gave up. The world of Kanji is almost limitless. To end the night I was invited downstairs to his parents place for dinner, part of which consisted of freshly made udon noodles that were a gift from one of their customers that day. It was delicious and definitely a nice treat.

Then I wrapped up the weekend on Sunday with a Japanese lesson in the morning where I was delighted to receive a free textbook. Then again, more TEFL in the afternoon, although, also more excitingly a visit to Fudoka temple to take some pictures.


1 thought on “A quiet week then weekend

  1. Nice dood! Teru’s friend Tsukadasan is hilarious, eh? So many good times hanging out with him. He’ll make you laugh a lot ;D

    I’m really glad to hear you’re having a lot of fun in the classes!

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