“Please”, earthquake and Japanese lesson.

Again the week that has just passed was fairly unexciting. I had to continue my wait for pay day, which I tell you is not really that fun in any part of the world. Although as I am writing this post I am currently sitting next to a fresh wad of “ichi man en” (10000¥) bills, as thankfully pay day was today. Anyway I digress, I will tell you a few things that happened last week.

Monday was very quiet. We thought we had one lesson but we realised that it was actually scheduled the following week, “that’s it for today then” Teru explained. Tuesday was a long day with an early start and I was not feeling that up to it, as I was still feeling a bit pissed off from last week. This quickly changed as the mornings teaching was the most fun I had had teaching at Kuki Kindergarten. In the morning classes we were teaching the importance of “please” when using commands. I got to play a “simon says” like game, making the children stand up or sit down, only if I said “please”. The kids loved this and got over excited when they got it right, shouting at the kids that had failed. Although the funniest part of the lesson was when Teru made me rush around the classroom, telling me to do things repeatedly. “Open that window!”, “open that door!”, “close the window!”, and the best one “play the piano!”, which I started off calmly but then went into a manic frenzy of bashing the keys. The kids absolutely loved this and were screaming with laughter at my stupid efforts. It was even better when we got kids to do it. Playing the piano got them every time. The afternoon extracurricular classes were just as fun as I made the kids run around acting out some verbs, “point to Takuma!”, “touch the roof!”, “go to the door!”, “point to Takuma!”, “come back here!”, “go to the door!”, “come back here!”, “point to Takuma!” and so on. This really brightened me up and prepared me for the rest of the long day.

This good day of teaching put me back on form for the rest of the week, which seemed to fly by. Before I knew it was my day off on Friday. I did not really have much of an idea what to do with it as I had very limited funds. So I decided to get some bits from the supermarket so I could make dinner. When in the supermarket I noticed that they had some gyoza free samples that I immediately headed for. Can’t say no to free gyoza. Although I suddenly got distracted as everything started swaying. A bloody earthquake was happening, much bigger than ones I had previously encountered. The signs hanging from the ceiling started violently swinging and it felt like as I was suddenly drunk because it was hard to keep balanced, although nothing much fell from the selves. Everyone started looking at each other as to concluded whether to evacuate or not. But it only lasted around 1 minute and people just got back to their shopping as if nothing happened. So I followed suit and turned round to grab some of that free gyoza, only to notice someone had munched it all! Dam earthquake!

Saturday was quite an easy day, there were only a couple of lessons but I had to teach them by myself as Teru had tickets to go to see the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Band. So I was left to run the school by myself, which pretty much consisted of talking crap for a couple of hours. My Japanese lesson on Sunday morning was quite entertaining as I had another new teacher who was quite interested in teaching me. We were taking in turns making sentences with verbs. When we got to “知ります (know)” she said “I know English history”, for my turn I replied “I don’t know English history”, which made her laugh. It is always fun to play the part of the ignorant foreigner. When we got on the topic of “what would you buy if you had lots of money” I thought she said she would buy a zebra, “shimauma”. I thought this was a bit strange, although she actually meant an island, just “shima”. After the lesson I went to my newly found Japanese jewel, a lovely traditional udon and soba restaurant, which is run by two elderly women, small and hunched from all the many years of slaving over noodles. The green tea and steaming bowl of udon certainly went down a treat on that bitterly cold Sunday.

3 thoughts on ““Please”, earthquake and Japanese lesson.

  1. Ahh man you were in a earthquake?! you sounds really casje about that…. Crazy boy. I can imagine you bashing away on a piano being a complete spoon with bare small jobs laughing. Teacher luke thats such a bizarre thought! even though i bet they love you. Tall english man who makes them laugh. Sorry about skype my laptop is being completely uncooperative and will not connect to the internet even when i try to reason with it….. off to india in 8 days – will talk to you before then even if its on a uni compute using skype mwhahahaha. I am still coming to japan, i want to see al these jewels you find.

    Duncan x

  2. Haha I remember doing that morning lesson at Kuki Kindergarten with Teru! Although I think it was in the thick of Spring so I was a sweaty mess when that lesson was all said and done running around everywhere at command!

    I’m glad things are going well for you, dood! Continue to enjoy the experience and I’m happy to hear you’re keeping up with the Japanese lessons 😀

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