Bank, mood and uni

This week has been relatively uneventful, not really a choice of mine but rather due to annoying unforeseen circumstances, or to put more clearly I got screwed over by the bank. Let me explain, although I will try make it brief as it really isn’t that interesting, which in fact just illuminates the point that I have had a boring week as I have decided to included it in this post. It started when I found out that I had to make a bank transfer to the Japanese logistics company that have handled my shipment, which I still have not got yet, although it is somewhere in Japan. So I asked Teru to help me make this payment, which he told me could be done at an ATM. Japanese ATMs do not require for you to enter your pin code to deposit money. So I did not have to use my pin when I deposited both the money when I got paid and the money I needed to use to make this bank transfer. No problem. Although to make the transfer I did have to use my pin. This was the first time I had tested my pin. It was some reason wrong, even though I was certain I set it as the pin I have been using for about 6 years now. My card is now useless and I now can not withdraw any money. So I had to make a direct cash payment with the little cash I had left, leaving me skint, but technically not as all my money is now stuck inside a Japanese bank account. As a result I have had to accept not doing anything exciting until I next get paid as I can not get a new card until after then, which is really not so fun.

This put me in a bad mood for the week. No money and still no stuff. Being in a bad mood made teaching not so fun and made it hard for me to keep a positive mood in class. On both Wednesday and Thursday we had combined kids classes at Intersect as lots of students called in sick, which completely changed the dynamics. I tried playing a new game I had devised, to change things up a bit, where kids used dice to pick random words to make sentences. Although this clearly did not work, as on Wednesday they were not interested, and on Thursday Ryuma, a student I love teaching despite his boyish pissing around, threw the dice around instead of rolling. This made the rest of the class not pay attention and I found it hard to be bothered about it. Even the little ones on Thursday were starting to piss around more, which was really hard to control when I was feeling unmotivated and can not speak much Japanese.

The adult classes, of course included no pissing around, although much of the lessons topics revolved around things I should try in Japan, which sort of did not help my mood about my money situation as I wanted to be relishing these ideas, absorbing all the wonderful experiences I could have while I am here. It made me feel like I am wasting time. We talked a lot about different types of Japanese food and treats which made me resent the scraps I had waiting at home. Although after talking about obscure food and whaling at work on Saturday, I expected to return home to my leftovers but instead I was very kindly invited downstairs for a feast of sushi with Teru’s family. Here I took my opportunity to do a little of that exploring I craved and felt deprived of by eating some obscure food for myself. Before I came to Japan most fish and seafood is strange to me. So I started off easy with tuna, salmon, and snapper, then stepped up a little with crab, raw prawn, and eel, and finally topped it off with my first try of the notorious “uni”, or otherwise known as sea urchin. I can only describe the taste as the one you have when you have a really dry, gammy mouth with a slight metal soapy hint. Still not the worst thing I have tasted. I never thought that eating sea urchin would put me in a better mood.


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