2 months in.

By the time I finish writing this post it will be the start of my third month in Japan, as today, yesterday, what ever you want to call it, was exactly two months since I have been in Japan. When I quickly think about it I do not feel much different since I have arrived. Although, I sense that I am getting into the teaching routine, eating my weight in gyoza each week and becoming used to the commodity of ramen, but most of all being surrounded by Japanese I am starting (with emphasis on “starting”) to become accustomed to it. However I feel like there is much more to do and explore, so its a healthy balance, and all I need to do is do exactly that.

After my weekend enjoying my “newly acquired money” I still did not feel satisfied with casual exploring before I got to go Tokyo. So after an unbusy day at work on Monday, I decided to hunt for interesting places that I had not been to before in Kazo, the likes of which I could order a beer and meet people preferably. So I headed off in search on my bike, riding past a few places scouting them out. Eventually I decided to go in to an izakaya that was across from the street to the one Blaine took me to on my first night in Japan. Unfortunately within seconds of being seated and taking in the surroundings, I knew this place wasn’t for me. It was far to sleek. It seemed like a hangout for businessmen. I ordered a beer while flicking through the menu that was far to expensive, bragging horse meat sashimi and various live sea snails as the appetizers. They brought me some kind of cooked fish as I drank my beer, which they cheekily charged me for when I left. That place was a bad first choice.

After cycling around again for a bit I stumbled across a bar that Blaine had recommended before he left called “Jangle Jim”, seemingly taking its name from badly translated English that is all too common in Japan. When inside, it again had quite a sleek feel, although, with a much more relaxed and desirable feel. There was only one other person in the bar, which at first seemed intimidating, however he and the bartender started trying to talk to me. This proved quite difficult at first as neither of them spoke English. Shortly after I arrived a girl came in joined us at the bar. See instantly showed interest in me and could speak a fair amount of English. This livened up the situation. She told me her favourite movie was “Back To The Future”, and after trying to hold back excitement, it started a interesting night of trying to communicate through a mix of English, Japanese and drawing. She is a dress/costume designer that loves her cats (I saw many pictures of them). After many drinks, much chat, and trying pickled fish guts, I decided I had should probably head home as I did have a long day at work the next day. The bartender gave me his business card and the girl gave me her contact details, so I left feeling I had made a breakthrough. This put me in a refreshed and good mood for the next two days of work, feeling ready to relish every bit of this Japanese experience.

4 thoughts on “2 months in.

  1. 2 Months thats crazy. Mate you should see me at work sneakily opening your plog and finding myself away with you. It’s kl reading but it makes my life feel so monoatoned.

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