I had another Japanese lesson on Sunday so I had to get up and cycle to the 市民 (Shimin, which means citizen) plaza. The lesson started alright, although as I was still very rusty and was learning a lot of new stuff. What was especially difficult was saying the price of things, as 1 pound is about ¥130, the prices of things are in very large numbers. So 48950 in English takes long enough to say but trying to say this in Japanese takes a silly amount of effort. Also halfway through my lesson my teacher had to leave suddenly so I was put with an unfamiliar teacher who did not know what I had covered or had even been doing that lesson. So she tried to teach me even more new things. I was basically bombarded with new language making it hard to actually learn everything.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were quite normal days of just teaching. Tuesday was a long day as we had morning classes at Kuki Kindergarten for the first time for a couple of weeks. This meant it was a 9.30am start and a 10.30pm finish. On a break, Teru took me to a supermarket that had a good range of imported goods and I was relieved to find “Lea and Perrins”. I could finally cease to starve myself of cheese and toast anymore! On Wednesday morning we went to teach at again at Fudoka preschool. It was the second time we split the class in two for Teru and I to teach each half separately. A big screen is pulled across to divide the class so I am left all by myself to control and entertain the children. At first they seemed a little scared by me but after a while I managed to get them to liven up and shout the answers at me. This week I practiced colours. I played a game making them sit down if they were wearing a certain colour, which was fun as I started to mess with them saying it really fast getting them to fall about all over the place, which they loved. At the end of the lessons the kids love taking advantage of my height and its now a regular thing for them to high five me as high as possible.

There were only two lessons scheduled on Thursday. The younger group grew from 3 to 4 children the other week as we had a new kid join us, Jou, a student from the Fudoka preschool. He is literally the best example of the perfect child. He is so enthusiastic in class that he likes to help me out and try control the rest of the students. He gets so excited about joining in and coming to school. He compliments just about everyone and everything. Teru says that he told him that “the apple tea at intersect is the best I have ever had, thank you!”. He is just one happy guy. Although as of now he may not be the new kid. Another student from Fudoka came for a trial lesson so I had to be on my best teaching form. In addition to the new member we had Honoka, a girl normally part of another class, join us for a make up lesson because she missed a lesson the week before. She is most unlike Jou, seemingly the result of being spoilt. She would not stop clinging to her mother who in the end had to sit in on the lesson. This made it a very hectic lesson as I had to impress this new kid and his mother who was also watching and control Honoka who started crying, screaming and refusing to participate in anything that I tried with her. On top of that I needed to control the other kids and make sure it was still a normal lesson for them. Despite all this it seemed to go OK. It could have gone a lot worse. After classes were done Teru had invited me to his for some dinner, which I gratefully accepted. So the day was topped of with a nice evening of Japanese food and a very excited Shunsuke.

3 thoughts on “Sunday-Thursday

  1. Hey Luke. Sounds like you are having a ball in a way that you never expected. I am so glad that you have Teru and family to “adopt” you whilst you find your feet. Reading your blog entries is just like listening to you tell the stories and it all sounds so good. Keep up the good work and I hope you finally master Japanese. Lots of love, Snod xx
    P.S. Have you have your deposit back yet?

  2. Man, that is such a nostalgic day man! I’m really glad that Jou joined Intersect! He’s an awesome kid, eh? I know exactly how you feel with the whole Honoka situation. I imagine it got really uncomfortable especially with two mothers being there. It’s a really stressful situation, but I’m sure you did well.

    • Yer Jou is an awesome kid. He is so full of life. We also got Takumi now with us and another kid is thinking of joining so Teru is happy about that. Honoka is actually getting better now. We had a private class with her and her mother to make it a bit less stressful and she has seemed to perk up a bit. Although for how long I will find out. Again thanks for reading. I hope you are all good back in Canada.

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