On Monday it was a quiet and mostly uneventful day. I went into school to prepare for the last student I hadn`t met. He is a 17 year old high school student. Teru was explaining that he is normally quite a shy kid, although he becomes interested and involved in topics applicable to teenagers, such as sex. Apparently the a few months ago the topic of conversation between him and Teru were about his first time and the ins and outs of how to perform sex. Teru said if I can squeeze any of this sort of conversation out it would be real progress. Disappointingly 10 minutes before he was to arrive he had to cancel.

This meant that there were no lessons for the day. Teru asked if I wanted to go to the nearest shopping mall to get anything I needed. I thought this was a good idea as I had no other plans. I bought a coat and some socks (I said this day was uneventful) and we topped the trip off with udon noodles and tempura. It was sort of lucky I bought a coat, I had managed to loose my only one on the way to Japan, later I popped out to get some milk and it started to rain heavily again and it kept most of me dry.

I decided to finish the night by reading my book in bed. My flat started to shake, which I thought was a passing car, although it was my first experience of an earthquake, although luckily a timid one.

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